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Companies must have the workplaces

risk assessed for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Ordinance on the Protection of Employees from Hazards from Electromagnetic Fields (EMFV), which came into force on 19 November 2016.


We Answer All Your EMI Questions.


Radiation is energy that propagates naturally in form of electromagnetic waves.

We can make electromagnetic fields visible like on a map and measure them explicitly. Your contact for customised industry solutions for automotive, heavy machinery, medical, marine technology and technical occupational safety.


OEMs and suppliers spend vast amounts of money globally to assess the EMC of their products and keep it as low as possible. Only with greatest effort and years of explicit deep knowledge can the applicable standards be met and the important functional safety be guaranteed. In addition to technology, however, it is also always about the people.

We know all the facts and work closely with you, of course also directly on site.


'Bespoke EMF Consulting fully tailored to your needs.' (Dr.-Ing. Florian Dietze - CEO)



emfeld provides industry leading support in measurements and assessments of electromagnetic fields in technical working environments. As leading EMF consultants, we work together with our customers to develop unique solutions that meet the highest requirements of civil and military specifications globally.





Identify your EMF-Hazards NOW. 

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